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Wellness therapy in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta Georgia psychiatrist

Atlanta Georgia psychiatrist

Wellness therapy is one of our specialties here at Bene Mental Wellness P.C. Your emotional and mental health is the highest priority for our Atlanta Georgia psychiatrist, and that means working closely with you to overcome both difficulties and disorders, and to promote the most beneficial set of circumstances possible to maximize your odds of success.

From the first moment you walk through our office door, you will notice that our focus is on you and in being your partner in wellness therapy. An initial 90 minute evaluation includes a thorough introduction that will encompass assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendation. If you have questions, and most of our patients do, that will be the ideal time to ask them of our Atlanta Georgia psychiatrist. Difficulties are not always strictly psychological. There are often biological, cultural, and social factors that play some role, whether large or small. When it comes time to discuss treatment, there is more than one path that can be taken. How your unique circumstances are addressed will depend on an overall understanding of your situation and the goals that both you and our Atlanta Georgia psychiatrist have for you. Therapy alone is ideal for some. Others require only medication. But more often, it is a combination of those two methods that will yield the most effective and lasting results. Of course, your situation is specific and that is why coming in for an evaluation is so vital. There are no one-size-fits-all approaches here, nor are you treated as a number. Rather, you are an individual, with all of the needs of one. And that is the type of attention you deserve, and will receive.

Please call our office Atlanta Georgia psychiatrist and schedule a convenient time to come in. The outcomes you want to achieve begin right here and now.

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