Family Psychiatrist in Atlanta Georgia

Psychiatrist Office in Atlanta Georgia

Family Psychiatrist in Atlanta Georgia

Family Psychiatrist in Atlanta Georgia

If you are looking for a psychiatrist who can help you or family members with specific issues, as well as provide family therapy when it will be helpful, you will want to become familiar with our practice, Bene Mental Wellness P.C. Our family psychiatrist in Atlanta Georgia, Dr. Candace B. Adair, successfully works with children, adolescents, and adults to help them solve important mental health issues.

Our family psychiatrist in Atlanta Georgia is able to provide both counseling and medication services for her patients. Sometimes, when a family member is being treated, especially children and teens, it is helpful to have family therapy sessions. During these times, the patient can express his or her feelings while he or she knows that they are in a safe place. The family can also learn how to best deal with certain situations that may arise in their family. Our psychiatrist is able to evaluate children as young as four years old. The initial visit takes two hours during which time our psychiatrist will thoroughly evaluate your child in terms of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations. During this initial visit, parents are also able to ask any questions they may have such as what is causing their child to have certain symptoms, or what medication can be helpful. Our psychiatrist also provides initial evaluation for adolescents, as well. Our psychiatrist also encourages teenagers to play a more active role in their care. She knows that teens are in a developmental stage where they are striving for independence, and want to have a personal identity apart from the family. In order for our psychiatrist to achieve a complete assessment she will gather information on biological, psychological, cultural, and social factors that may be contributing to any symptoms which are currently being experienced by your adolescent.

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